TMA successfully underwent authorization process for 6 years

  • New page in the history of TMA.
  • TMA is the first to successfully undergo authorization process, involving international experts!
  • x 2018-06-14

    TMA successfully underwent authorization process for 6 years

    New page in the history of TMA Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy is happy and proud to announce that TMA successfully underwent authorization process and was granted with permit to carry out its’ teaching and scientific activities for successive 6 years, up to 2024. It is remarkable, that for the first time, aside of National Center for Education Quality Enhancement, authorization process involved participation of international experts of education, which gave positive feedback to ongoing processes at TMA. TMA cordially congratulates students, graduates, teaching staff and administration with this success and wishes to thank each involved party for contributions and enthusiasm.

    Give a Drop, Give a Life

  • June 14?
  • Why to give a drop?
  • People Everyday need a lot of healthy blood
  • x 2018-06-08

    Give a Drop, Give a Life

    According to World Health organizations statistical data, in Georgia number of blood donors is less than needed. Annually, On average, 60,000 donations are required to help patients, but number of donors is less than 37 000. 80% of the population have never donated blood. For this reason with the initiative of GMSA (Georgian medical students association) public health committee presents a project: "give a drop, give a life". The project will be held 14 June from 10:00 to 16:00 in Tbilisi medical academy within this project people will donate blood. From 15;00 to 16:00 will be held public lecture which serves raising awareness about blood donation.
    • Lecture will be held in 408th lecture hall.
    • Blood donation will be held in 205th lecture hall.
    Project coordinator: George Kikvadze – Student of Tbilisi medical academy (Georgian medical students association head of committee of SCOPH) project organizers: Mari Chavleshvili- Student of Tbilisi state medical university (head of local committee of SCOPH) Mariam Tskhvediani- Student of Tbilisi state medical university (head of local committee of SCOPH) Nino akubardia- student of David tvildiani medical universiti (head of local committee of SCOPH).


    Visit of Westminster University Delegation at TMA

    Prof. Peter M Lydyard University of Westminster, London, UK. Lecture theme ‘Why do Medical students need to learn Immunology?’
    x 2018-04-19

    Visit of Westminster University Delegation at TMA

    During April 12-20, 2018, TMA had the pleasure to host notable guests from Westminster University; (UK) Prof. Peter Lydyard and Prof. Nina Porakishvili, who delivered range of activities for knowledge exchange and experience dissemination. In frames of the visit, on April 12-13 was organized a training for TMA teaching staff, where Prof. Nina Porakishvili discussed Case Based Learning Methodology. A practical workshop for teaching staff was delivered by Prof. Peter Lydyard on April 19-29 regarding Problem Based Learning methodology. The workshop was conducted in an interactive manner and alongside above-mentioned topics, were discussed various up-to- date teaching methodologies. Participants of session were awarded with corresponding certificates. It is noteworthy, that during the visit special attention was drawn to raising student international awareness and experience. Hence, on April 20, Prof. Lydyard delivered a lecture for the students under following topic: ”Why do Medical Students Need To Learn Medicine?”. The lecture addressed importance and challenges, as well as role and up-to- date achievements of Immunology for international medical practice. It should be admitted, that Prof. Lydyard and Prof. Porakishvili have already visited TMA in frames of previous joint activities. It is delightful, that partnership between TMA and Westminster University has remained after EU-funded DECERPH Tempus project and improved further. TMA would like to thank Prof. Peter Lydyard and Prof. Nina Porakishvili for their visit and exercise hope, that such activities will be carried out in the future as well.

    1 June

    Employment Forum

    TMA Career Support Service announces meeting on the topic "Employment Forum", which is organized by employment agency HR. Meeting will be held on Monday, 1 of June, 14:00, room 408. We wish you success in your career!
    14 Mar

    TMA Administration wishes Happy Holi to Indian Students!

    May your studies and life in TMA be as joyful, bright and colorful as the Celebration! 
    15 Mar

    Announcement for Students!

    Tbilisi Medical Academy is opening a call of applications for students, who wish to participate in one month internship during summer 2017 in University Clinic of Klaipeda, Lithuan

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