Tbilisi Medical Academy
Anatomage Table

Human anatomy is one of the most fundamental and demanding aspects of basic medical science education. Visualisation of human anatomy plays a great role in learning the subject.

For this reason, instead of working with real cadavers, Tbilisi Medical Academy has implemented a state-of-the-art digital anatomy table - ‘Anatomage’.

The ‘Anatomage’ table comprises four (two female and two male) refined human cadavers (true-to-life visuals created from millimetre-precise human body dissections) as well as a 31-week pregnant female with digital scans of the fetus.

The digital table allows us to visualise and study human anatomy at macroscopic and microscopic levels, to perform anatomical dissections and to study anatomy at organ and organ systems levels. ‘Anatomage’ allows for integration with other anatomy subjects, such as Histology, Physiology, Ra-diology and Pathology.

‘Anatomage’ is a safe alternative to cadaveric dissections that notably simplifies grasping anatomy, heightens student motivation and interest toward the subject.

The digital table can be utilised both for group seminars as well as individual work and is accessible for all TMA students and professors.