Tbilisi Medical Academy

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Title Date Read More
"Art as a Therapy" 06-February
Delegation of Atatürk University at TMA 25-January
"6 Days of the Country Doctor" - Panel Discussion 20-December
Turkey scholarship programs announced 16-December
Photo Project - "6 Days of the Country Doctor" 09-December
Easmus+ project SAFEMED+ Results Dissemination 06-December
The Horizon Europe Grant Office was opened at TMA 05-December
Tbilisi Neurosurgical Symposium 11-November
Structured Oral Examination – SOE 10-November
Tbilisi Medical Academy has a new partnership with CyberPatient 08-November
Sharing the experience gained at international conferences 02-November
Medicine and Science 2022 31-October
We Won This Battle – “Pink October” Campaign 28-October
Discussion on mental health issues 18-October
TMA at the AMSE Annual Conference 13-October
Mental Health Awareness Day 11-October
Visit of Belgian colleagues to TMA 07-October
Alzheimer's Awareness Day 22-September
CIMED’s training week at TMA 15-September
TMA presented two topics at the AMEE Annual Conference 06-September
An interview with Prof. Joke Denekens and Prof. Herman Van Rossum - Heads of CIMED 10-August
Radboud University Summer School 21-Jule
Photo project - Six Days of Country Doctor 02-Jule
TMA Dandy Neurosurgical Club 24-June
Visit of CIMED Leaders to TMA 20-June
IFMSA Student Committee will be established at TMA 10-June
ITC2022 06-June
Six Days of Country Doctor 06-June
TMA delegation visited the University of Santiago de Compostela 23-May
Memorandums with new universities 14-April
TMA faculty Members has gained the status of a Specialist in Medical Education 12-April
World Health Day 08-April
The Team-Based Learning (TBL) session 04-April
World Autism Awareness Day – Photo Exhibition at TMA 02-April
Online Seminar - "Endocarditis" 30-March
Integration Week at TMA 23-March
Create integrated cases and assignments 22-March
World Down Syndrome Day 21-March
Brain Awareness Day 18-March
Medicine – the Story Presented by Art 14-February
Planetary Health and Gender Equality 30-November
Last updates on the management of dyspepsia and GERD 29-November
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 26-November
Awareness-raising campaign on respiratory diseases 22-November
TMA Students’ Art Works Exhibition and Award Ceremony 18-November
World Diabetes Day - 2021 16-November
Working visit of the delegation of TMA in Ukraine 02-November
Need For a New Global Health Inspectorate 27-October
Together We Rise for Breast Cancer Awareness 21-October
Portfolio mentor's three-day online training 18-October
World Lung Day-WLD 25-September
AMEE 31-August
Student Debates 2021 05-August
Planetary Health 23-Jule
Delegation from Vilnius University 07-Jule
Student Debates 24-May
International Autism Awareness Day 02-April
World Tuberculosis Day 24-March
How to create a standardized MCQ test 06-March
Project SAEMED+, Kickoff Meeting 26-February
Cervical Cancer Awareness Week 02-February
Training, TURNITIN Program 16-January
Planetary health 14-January
Students Debates 2020 26-December
Against the COVID-19 21-December
Student Debates 17-December
TMA Volunteer Students 11-December
European Researchers’ Night 02-December
Meeting with Students 02-November
''Flipped Classroom'' 17-October
Turnitin Training at TMA 10-October
Pink October 01-October
New international partnerships for TMA 22-September
TMA and AMBOSS Partnership 20-September
Kids University - Botox 08-August
Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy has been awarded the Erasmus+ grant within frames of the EU funded projects 02-August
AMOpportunities's new online rotation for TMA's Students 17-Jule
Practical and Clinical Considerations for Telepathology 08-Jule
Open Door Event “Medicine and Art” 05-Jule
AMOpportunities's new online rotation for TMA's Students 02-Jule
Programs Accreditation 02-Jule
Open Door Event “Medicine and Art” 30-June
Kids University “Medicine and Art” 29-June
Medicine and Art 22-June
Kids University “Medicine and Art” 19-June
Obesity in Art 15-June
World Blood Donors Day 14-June
Medicine and Art 12-June
For students of Tbilisi State Medical University and Tbilisi Medical Academy 10-June
“Medicine and Art” – MICROBIOLOGY 09-June
Medicine and Art – NEUROSCIENCE 01-June
Medicine and Art - PROTEIN 25-May
About Distance Learning at HealthManagement.org 23-May
Medicine and Art - GENETICS 22-May
International online conference 'Dementia, Alzheimer's and Neurologic Disorders' 11-May
TMA's project - Kids University 'Medicine and Art' 05-May
TMA and AMBOSS Partnership 24-April
TMA and AMEE online meeting 22-April
Rector's Message 17-March
Distance Learning at TMA 13-March
Announcement! 01-March
International Education Fair - 2020 29-February
Josette Denekens working visit at TMA 07-February
The ECG Interpretation and decision making in Emergency 20-January
Lodz Medical representatives at TMA 14-December
Anti-Tobacco campaign at TMA 11-December
World AIDS Day 06-December
TMA's Training for Lecturers 25-November
Student and Mental Health 19-November
Solidarity to Doctor Vaja Gaprindashvili 18-November
EBMA Annual Conference dedicated to the existing challenges in medical education 11-November
Professor, Nele Michels visit at TMA 05-November
TMA staff attended AMEE’s training 25-October
IFMSA Vice-president delivered public lecture for students. 24-October
TMA Board Meeting of School of Medicine 22-October
'Student and his role in Higher Education Institution' 21-October
Be original and don’t plagiarize 16-October
Training for New Staff Adaptation 20-September
International Days 03-June
International Multidiscplinary Conference on Biomedicine, BIOMED-2019 30-May
New scientific bases 22-May
international training on personal development 17-May
TMA Students at IFMSA General Assembly March Meeting 2019 01-March
TMA Student International Conference 21-December
Meeting with the members of TMA Alumni Association 27-November
TMA-Internaltional Students' Conference 15-October
Visit of Delegation from Braun School 15-August
Class of 2018 04-Jule
Certificate for Giving Blood 22-June
TMA successfully underwent authorization process for 6 years 14-June
Give a Drop, Give a Life 08-June
Visit of Westminster University Delegation at TMA 19-April
HIV/AIDS free screening event 02-December
International week 24-November
The Reception of Freshmen and Start of New Academic Year at TMA. 20-November
Blood Donation Event at TMA 17-November
IFMSA SCORP Event at TMA 18-September
World No Tobacco Day and hosted a social event – “Go Green Not Sick.” 14-September
TMA Students’ Successful Performance at Scientific Conference 04-September
Student Scientific Conference in TMA 28-June
Education Fair 15-March
TMA Delegation on IFMSA 66th General Assembly 14-March