Interictal Emotional State and Epilepsy

Scientific Investigator: Irine Bilanishvili Project Investigator: 2019-03-18 Project Duration: 6 months

Students were involved in the project realization.
Among the majority of patients with temporal epilepsy are observed interictal emotional and behavioural abnormalities. In frames of proposed project will be studied development and exposure of emotional abnormalities, as well as will be studied neural substrate on an animal-involved experimental model, known as “kindling”. (an animal involved experimental model, which is used in frames of temporal epilepsy research) We suggest, that emotional abnormalities may be actual instinctual behavioural acts, which trigger anti-epileptic neurophysiological mechanisms. Obtained results will be experimentally supported foundation for concluding, that interictal emotional behaviour is possible endogenous mechanism, which is characterised by anti-epileptic effect.

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