Co-expression characteristics of CDH1, Ki67, P53, HER2 in gastric diffuse type carcinoma

Scientific Investigator: Nino Museridze Project Investigator: 2019-05-01 Project Duration: 10 months

Students are involved in the project realization
Stomach cancer is one of the most common malignant tumor worldwide. According to the Lauren’s classification two types - intestine and diffuse, are determined. Diffuse type adenocarcinoma is the most malignant version, which includes signet ring cell type. Alteration is due to CDH1 mutation and is manifested only in mucosal layer without macroscopical changes of superficial mucosal layer. Accordingly with the data of performed research, in case of the presence of CDH1 mutation in 100% cases of postoperative material following gastrectomy in situ tumor has been revealed. The tumor size variants were 0.1-10 mm.
The correlation between CDH1 mutation and expression levels of  HER2, oncoprotein P53 and proliferative marker Ki67 isn’t determined till now. The project aims study of the mentioned correlation and peculiarities of CDH1 mutation.
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