Tbilisi Medical Academy

Evaluation and Comparison of Healthy Lifestyle Among Medical and non-Medical Georgian Students

Scientific Investigator: Saif Tawfeeq Project Investigator: 2019-03-18 Project Duration: 9 months

Students are involved in the project realization.
Many factors that determine health are known today. A healthy lifestyle and physical activity are among these factors. It is well known that most chronic illnesses are caused by lifestyle. For example, smoking, malnutrition, lack of physical activity, excess alcohol or drug use. Based on the fact that an unhealthy lifestyle quickly leads to stress, bad moods, self-esteem problems, and easy fatigue, a healthy lifestyle is of particular importance to the students, and it is necessary to educate the students population about the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle, which can have a significant positive effect on the health. The research design used cross-sectional research. The self-assessment questionnaire will survey about 600 students from 18 to 25 years of age from medical and non-medical faculties of Tbilisi -Georgian. Statistical analysis and comparison of the obtained data will be done after obtaining the survey's result. The threefold goals of the study are to identify the distribution of healthy lifestyles among the student population, to identify key problem related to the lifestyle among the student population, and provide recommendations for implementation of healthy lifestyles and practices focused on problem solving.