Tbilisi Medical Academy


On May 6th, 2022 by organization of Science Club of Tbilisi Medical Academy there were performed hybrid symposium “Personalized Medicine”. In the frames of the event the students of Tbilisi Medical Academy and Ataturk University presented the following themes:

  • The advantages of personalized practices (Bhumika Choudhary, TMA)
  • Avatar mouse models and personalized medicine (Tamar Dandurishvili, TMA)
  • OMICS sciences providing data for personalized medicine (Sohaib Kmail, TMA)
  • Potential biomarkers associated with suicide and major depressive disorder (Yigit Arslan, Ataturk University)
  • Nutrigenomics (Tony Varghese & Shahina Habeebulla, TMA)
  • Towards population-specific pharmacogenomics in the era of next-generation sequencing (Sumeyye Ilgi, Ataturk University)
  • Role of cytochrome p450 in personalized drug therapy (Saba Bagdavadze, TMA).