Taras Gabisonia – Affiliated Professor

Taras Gabisonia serves as Professor for Microbiology at Tbilisi Medical Academy (TMA) since 2018.
Taras Gabisonia completed a postgraduate educational step at the Department of Microbiology of Tbilisi State University during 1982-1986. In 1987 he took a training course for applied medical microbiology at the Institute for Physicians’ Training, in order to obtain corresponding qualification. In 1991 he was awarded with a degree in “Microbiology”. In 1994 he obtained a PhD degree for Biology.  Upon decision of Professor Council, he was awarded with a professorship in. 1998.
He has 32 years of teaching and 40 years of scientific experience. He is an author of more than 260 scientific articles, contributor of 7 handbooks, author of 2 monographs as well as possesses 28 patents. Under his supervision are completed 20 dissertations.         
Since 1997 are produced 3 bacteriophage drugs, which are developed by Prof. Gabisonia and are widely used in medical practice. During 2002-2019 under his supervision were successfully implemented 18 local and international scientific projects.

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