Irakli Cheishvili – Affiliated Professor

Irakli Cheishvili serves as the Professor for surgical direction at the Tbilisi Medical Academy (TMA) since 2014, with particular specialization in Neurosurgery.  
Irakli Chelishvili graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Tbilisi State Medical Institute in 1991.  During 1991 – 1992 he completed a clinical internship at the Republic Hospital, majoring in “Neurology”. In 2002 he was awarded by the same University with an academic degree of Candidate in Medical Sciences.
Currently Irakli Cheishvili is head of the Neurosurgical Department at the Multi-profile Medical Centre Innova.
Irakli Cheishvili has 23 years of clinical experience. In terms of professional development, he actively participates within various conferences of both local, as well as international exposure.

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