Nino Kekenadze – Affiliated Associated Professor

Since 2019. Nino Kekenadze  serves as the Associated Professor for Internal Medicine.  At the same time, she is appointed as Dean of the School of Medicine.
Nino Kekenadze graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University in 2002, following which during 2002-2004 she completed a postgraduate clinical course in Internal Diseases at the Russian State Medical University, majoring in “Therapy”. In 2006, after completion of postgraduate education, she successfully defended a dissertation at the Moscow Institute for Physical and Chemical Medicine, towards Cardiology and Immunology, in result of which she was awarded with the PhD of Medicine.
From 2004 onwards, Nino Kekenadze carries out practical work towards applied medicine (internal diseases), medical education and health management. In terms of professional development, she attends regularly local, as well as international conferences.

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