Marine Karchava – Affiliated Assistant Professor

Since 2018 Marine Karchava holds a position of Assistant Professor at Tbilisi Medical Academy (TMA) in Internal Medicine.
She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Tbilisi State Medical University in 2002. Following graduation, she completed a postgraduate educational course with duration of 3 years at the David Axelrod Institute for Public Health, New York State Health Department.  At the same time, she is the holder of a prestigious scholarship from Fogarty International Center (NIH). In 2015 Marine Karchava was awarded by Tbilisi State Medical University with PhD in Medicine 
From 2002 onwards she is engaged in clinical practice as a virologist at the Scientific and Applied Centre of Infectious Diseases, AIDS and Clinical Immunology Research Centre.
In terms of professional development,  she is actively involved in both local and. International conferences. Since 2002 she is actively involved in scientific work and is author of more than 20 scientific papers and conference publications.  Also, she supervises scientific-research projects, funded by the American and European agencies.