Lela Serebriakova - Affiliated Associated Professor

Lela Serebriakova is appointed as an Associated Professor for Health Economics at the School of Public Health of Tbilisi Medical Academy (TMA).
Lela Serebriakova was awarded with a Master’s Degree in Health Systems and Public Policy by Edinburgh University in 2011. Also, she has received education and professional training in the USA, Finland, India and Norway. Currently she is a PhD student at the Caucasus University with a major in Economics.
Lela Serebriakova is actively involved in the field of healthcare from 2004 onwards. During this period, she served as a lead and main consultant for numerous important projects or initiatives in the healthcare field. During 2011-2013 she was appointed as the Head of Department for National Healthcare Programmes and Public Health at the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Welfare of Georgia. Currently Lela Serebriakova is employed at the National Centre for Disease Control, as well as consults various international organizations beyond the borders of Georgia.
Her main research interests are: health financing, justice and equality in medicine, health system reforms.
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